Honorable Members of the Honorary Consuls Association (Thailand)

Honorable Members of the Honorary Consuls Association (Thailand)

            It is a great pleasure and great honor for me, as President of the HCAT, to present to you my introductory message for this new website.

            I have the pleasure to remind all readers that HCAT is entering into its 19th Anniversary, with myself as the third president. Thanks to the initiatives and the efforts of the part two Presidents, Mr.Amarin Khoman, Honorary Consul of Benin, and Mr.Sunthorn Arunanondchai, Honorary Consul of Honduras, the HCAT could survive upto this standard with dignity and pride. Now we have 71 active members, one board of Directors and we meet each other regularly every 2 months, to exchange view and opinion, to create relation and network, to solve the common problem and to improve our work, for the better performances of our duties.

            The HCAT is also a member of the Fédération International des Corps et Associations Consulaires (FICAC), or World Federation of Consuls, which hold its General Assembly every 3 years and try to standardize and to represent all its members in the world arena.

            As all of us, Honorary Consuls, come from varieties of activities, have different experiences and background, and perform various international business and professions, we are sure that becoming members of the HCAT will be beneficial to all of us, to the countries we represent, and to the government of Thailand and its people.

            We hope that this new website will be useful to the Thai authorities, the diplomatic and consular corps in Thailand, and to the readers. We are at your disposal to promote business ties, better understanding, and friendship with Thailand and with all our counterparts.

Dr.Sribhumi Sukhanetr
President of the Honorary Consuls Association (Thailand)